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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our financing?

What documents do I need to buy a car at Tricolor Auto?

You need three documents to apply for financing:

- Valid USA photo ID or your country’s passport
- Proof of address (utility bills under your name)
- Proof of income (bank statements, paycheck stub, etc.)

Does a bank provide financing for Tricolor Auto?

At Tricolor Auto, we finance you without intermediaries. That's why we can offer you financing without credit or social. 

I don't have a credit history. Can I buy a car at Tricolor Auto?

Of course! At Tricolor Auto, you may apply for financing even without a credit history.

Can I apply for financing if I don't have SSN?

Of course! Having an SSN is not a requirement to apply for financing at Tricolor Auto.

How long does it take for my credit to be approved?

We have a super quick approval time! It will take around 30 minutes at our dealerships. Schedule an appointment or pre-qualify online, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes.

Do you report to a credit bureau?

Yes, we do report to Experian and Equifax so you can improve or create your credit history.

How long are the financing terms?

Financing duration may vary depending on the car and credit terms agreement, but you could have from 48 up to 57 months of financing.

How do I estimate the total of my purchase?

It will depend on the offered APR and down payment.

What interest rate will I get?

The interest rate may change according to the applied down payment and your financing terms.

My proof of address doesn’t have my name on it.

Your proof of address has to be under your name; you can use your lease agreement, insurance card, or utility bill (light, gas, water, cable, etc.).

What credit score I need to obtain financing?

We accept any credit score. After making your request, you will be informed of the options for your financing.

Can I trade-in my car for trade-in or down payment?

Of course, our team will evaluate the condition of your car to calculate its value. We invite you to visit any of our stores for further details.

What is the average or minimum down payment to buy my car?

The minimum down payment can be as low as $ 1,000. We encourage you to  visit your closest lot for more information.

May I trade-in a vehicle that I am currently paying with you as a down payment for another?

Yes, we accept your car even if it’s currently under financing. Visit any of our stores to review your new financing conditions and the value of the vehicle.

I’ve just arrived to the US, can I get a car at Tricolor Auto?

Of course! Pre-qualify, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Why do I need to pre-qualify?

Pre-qualifying speeds up your credit approval and allows us to offer you a financing plan adequate for your needs.

May I make payments in advance?

During your financing, you can make payments in advance without penalties.

Can I apply for financing if I get paid in cash?

At Tricolor Auto, you can apply for financing even if you are paid in cash.

Do I receive any additional benefits when getting a credit in Tricolor Auto?

When you get a credit in Tricolor Auto you'll receive:

- Limited Warranty for up to 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first *.
- Online payments
- Cash payments (7-Eleven, Ace Cash, CVS, and many other approved payment locations)
- AutoPay

* See details for the Limited Warranty with your dealer.

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