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Prequalifying is the 1st step to get APPROVED! Your Tricolor Copilot helps you through. Follow the instructions, fill the requested fields and get a YES today!

**Prequalify NOW and obtain a $100 discount!


Speed-up your purchase

Upload photos of the requested documents to our digital platform, select your closest location, and schedule your visit in minutes!

Your next ride is just around the corner!

We can finance you with just three documents!

Minimum requirements! At Tricolor, we know how life gets better when you drive a great vehicle. This is why we ask only for the most basic items. All you need to drive off is:

Proof of Address

Bring your most recent electricity, water or phone bill even if you are renting!

Proof of Income

Account statements, pay stubs, letters from your employer. Any proof of your income works!

Official ID

Bring your most recent electricity, water, or phone bill even if you are renting!

We got you covered!

Our TriWarranty* looks over the essential parts of your vehicle, from the engine, transmission, differential, to the A/C. Enjoy every ride!


*Limited Warranty is valid for 12 months or 12,000 miles,whichever happens first (Full disclaimer at the bottom).

All our inventory is certified

We carefully go over 150 inspection points on each of our vehicles to give you the best driving experience.

* The Limited Warranty includes coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles and is not transferable. The Limited Warranty is bundled with the sale of the vehicle, is not priced separately, and is not a cancellable product within the amount financed. Covered parts under the Limited Warranty include engine, transmission, drive axle(s), transfer case, and air conditioning. Seals and gaskets in any system not listed are not covered parts. All Warranty repairs require a $99 deductible per visit. Independent third-party providers administer the Tricolor Limited Warranty.