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We will own the process of migrating your apps to AWS to get you up and running and back to your business.


Let us design and maintain your architecture so it’s the best it can be.


Use our default configurations, operational tooling, and AWS expertise to help secure your environments.


We combine the right mix of automation and people to deploy and manage your app more efficiently.
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Partner

As Amazon Consulting Partner, we architect redundant, resilient, scalable, self sustaining, and self healing infrastructures on AWS. We select the right services for specific jobs to get you started in augmenting and accelerating your DevOps journey. Many of our startups have taken full advantage of AWS assisted with configuration management tools and DevOps methodologies. We utilize variety of tools (CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Beanstalk) along with automation tools (Chef and Docker) supervised by our DevOps specialists and their organizational discipline. Our service brings agility to your infrastructure undertaking tedious tasks like building new environments with perfection.

DevOps consulting and cloud enablement services


Design and plan cloud infrastructure that meets your business objectives.

Cloud Migration

Access best practices and proven experience to accelerate your cloud migration.

Cloud Implementation Services

Get a best practices-based, secure framework to build upon.


Internalize modern IT practices for increased agility.


Incorporate containers like Docker into your infrastructure.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps consulting, strategy and education.


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“Tricolor team rapidly delivered outstanding architecture and solution that helped us deploy a SAAS model.They have been extremely fast, very professional, and have highly skilled staff that is able to provide optimal solutions to any problem with Cloud Solutions.”
Bob Krish, CTO
Outline Systems
“Tricolor helped us migrate our existing infrastructure to cloud services and lowered our costs of operation to a fraction of what they were before, and at the same time brought us the capability to grow as needed with a minimum effort.”
Mike Smith, VP
Mountain West Inc
“The support and guidance of Tricolor Architects, have allowed us to speed up the identification of optimization points of our infrastructure, and at the same time, favor costs reduction meaningfully.”
Varun Gupta, VP
E Matrix Group


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Tricolor Inc was founded in 1996 and is a global IT Services, Product Development, and Business Solutions firm based in New Jersey. We focus on delivering flexible IT solutions for today’s complex business technology to Fortune 500 companies.
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