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At Tricolor Auto
we help you process your taxes

You can get the car of your dreams or upgrade your old model before your refund check arrives.

What documents will I need?

To submit your taxes you must bring the following documents:

Photo ID
Original W2
Social Security Number (SSN)
ITIN number or TAX ID number (including dependents)

Get your new car the same day you submit your taxes!

What deductions may I include?


  • Receipts for Day Care, Kindergarten and/or nannies.


  • Loans and/or scholarships.
  • Higher education (Forms 1098-T/1090-E) are required.


  • List of contributions and amounts.
  • Receipts for contributions over $250.


  • Name and phone number of your landlord, property management, or building supervisor.


  • Mortgage interest statement (Form 1098).
  • Real estate taxes paid.
  • Statement of Property Tax Paid in 2019.


  • Expenses and/or taxes on housing & personal property.
  • Moving expenses.
  • Job search expenses.
  • Work-related expenses: travel, tools, uniforms, fees, etc .


  • Last year’s return.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have the following documents:

  • Photo ID
  • Original W2
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • ITIN number or TAX ID number (including dependents)

If you already submitted your tax refund with a different provider, you can only use it until you have cashed your check.

You don’t need to invest your entire refund. Get your next car with a minimum down payment of $1,000.

Of course. With your refund, you can advance your car payments.

As soon as the IRS releases your refund, we will deduct the amount you previously agreed to down payment and send you a check with the final balance to the dealer where you made your purchase.

The IRS can take up to six weeks to release the refund in some cases, but the usual time frame is 4-6 weeks for the entire process.

If you have any questions about your refund, contact the Ameritax offices at the following phone: 214-357-1040.

You can request your IRS status at After making your request, you must know that you will have to wait up to 3 weeks to verify your status.

Very reliable. At Tricolor Auto, we always want your security on and off the road. That’s why we partnered with Ameritax, the most reliable company in North Texas, with more than 15 years of experience providing tax advice and services, today it’s on your side too.

If you do not have your social security card, you will need some proof of it, such as a previous tax return or a government document.

No. At Tricolor Auto, we can process your taxes until April 15. After this date, no Tricolor Auto dealer will continue to offer this service. We advise you to do it before this date to avoid possible fines from the U.S. Government for delays.

The check with your refund will be delivered to you at the Tricolor Auto Location where you completed your procedure.

The final amount will have the discount for your car's down payment, previously agreed, and will be delivered together with the tax return.

A requirement to be able to request your refund in Tricolor Auto is not to have previous fines.